About Gerardo Ravago

Hello all and welcome to my blog. The purpose of this blog is more of my own personal notebook to keep an accurate log of my life as a young engineer starting my career and path of lifeling learning. I hope to cover technical topics such as projects I’m working on, skills I’ve picked up, and technologies I’ve learned about. On top of that, I will also be touching on personal topics such as my thoughts on industry, university life, and whatever bits of information I find fascinating. That said, I hope this blog will be a fun learning experience for myself and any others who wish to view it.

Currently, I’m working in industry as an engineer for a company that makes development tools for microcontrollers. Responsibilities involved with my position include PCB design, digital design in Verilog, writing firmware in embedded C, and much more. My B.S. in Electrical Engineering was completed at Boston University May 2013. I hope to be back in class soon to begin pursuing my M.Eng. in Computer Engineering with an emphasis on higher level software. My goal is to become competent at each level of the computer hierarchy understanding everything from circuits all the way up to running code in high level scripting languages.

I have an undeniable love for learning and if time or money were never an issue I would simply stay in school accumulating degrees to be happy. STEM subjects are definitely my passion in life and I can’t imagine never having discovered them. I enjoy not only knowing how things work, but also being able to design such things from the ground up. While some say the it can be demanding, I find it incredibly fulfilling in the end. The way I see it, so much of our world depends on brilliant engineering and research and we can solve most if not all our world’s problems with just a bit of cleverness. One day I hope to make my contribution towards tackling these problems. Until then, I’ll just have to keep learning everything this crazy world has to offer.


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