Entering what we in undergrad refer to as “the real world”

It’s an interesting term “the real world.” One thing you notice senior year is that the world ahead is full of uncertainty and can be really scary at times. You start thinking about being able to provide for yourself resources that were always just there for you. In a little under 2 months I will be finishing up my degree from Boston University. After June, the life I’ve known for the past four years now is effectively over and I will be colloquially referred to as “a real person” working a 9-5 job. Does this mean that my life up until now not been real? In a way I agree; the illusion created by undergrad life was only possible by freeing us of the many responsibilities that affect “real” people at huge financial cost to someone. Things like health care, a place to sleep, a salaried job, and where I’ll be in 5 years suddenly become things I really think about. Only now do I feel that I have real answer to that latter question.

In 5 years time I hope to have completed my masters degree and am still working at my first job. I hope that this masters, unlike my bachelor’s in electrical engineering, is in computer engineering and possibly awarded at that school across the river (MIT). This is not because I don’t like hardware (or my alma mater) but because I love both and would like to develop skills in computer engineering. Time and money allowing I would have loved to pursue a second masters in the field of mechanical engineering, but I understand and accept that it may not be possible or worthwhile for my career. Still, as my 22 years of life experience dictates, you really have no idea what happens during and after 5 years time. Thinking about it now, never would I have imagined the kind person I am now 5 years ago as a junior in high school blogging about high school crushes and the like. You just kind of have to trust yourself to make the right decisions and go with it.

All I know is that I’m at that point where I’m no longer worried about the future but I’m actually starting to get excited about it. My life up until now has just been the beginning. I’m not “old” as we call it in the undergrad bubble, I’m actually quite young and ready to really start doing something for the world. The years ahead of me will start laying a strong foundation for the future and that is something to be excited about.

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